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Manatee Villa, beautiful surroundings  Disney Bedroom, a favorite with all the kids  Luxurious lounge  Fully equipped kitchen  An early morning view from the pool deck

Here are details of the FREE phone calls available from Manatee Villa

Your eyes are not deceiving you...

We offer FREE local, long distance and International calls to over 100 countries.

You just pick up the phone and dial - mobile numbers are included.
Please note premium rate numbers are barred.

We simply add $20 onto your OneSuite account and provide you with a PIN number.
Call rates to Europe are approx. 2 cents per minute to landines and 17 cents per minute to mobile numbers.

You get to hear your current balance before each call.

If you need to add more minutes just email or call us and we'll add additional funds to your account and deduct that from your Security Bond.

Click here for more information on rates using OneSuite Long Distance .

For long distance you just add a 1 in front of the number (1-555-678-1234 for example)
For international just dial 011 + country code + number (011-44-1752-660152 for example)

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